pre-require: Angular CLI basic understanding.

Start with installing angular CLI globally

npm install -g @angular/cli

Then create a new angular project and run the project with “— hmr” option

ng new my-first-project
cd my-first-project
ng serve --hmr

Hot Module Replacement (or HMR) is one of the most useful features offered by webpack. It allows all kinds of modules to be updated at runtime without the need for a full refresh.

Install Angular Material

Use the Angular CLI’s installation schematic to set up your Angular Material…

To compare Angular vs React vs Vue. I’ve created the application with the same component structure. using Angular 10 version, ReactJs 16.13.1 version, vue 3.0.0 version Javascript Framework, rickandmortyapi. hosted application using firebase.

rick and morty show episode list and character list application

Application URL




Version And Stable release Date

Angular 2.0v Initial released in September 2016 And the latest 11v released on June 1, 2020.

React 0.3.0v Initial released on May 2013 And the latest released on 16.13.1v February 26, 2020.

Vue 0.9v Initial released on February 2014 And the latest released on 3.0.0v October 20, 2020.


Angular Miško Hevery now maintained…

Not all dependencies are classes. Sometimes you want to inject a string, function, or object. Apps often define configuration objects with lots of small facts, like the title of the application or the address of a web API endpoint. These configuration objects aren’t always instances of a class. They can be object literals, as shown in the following example.

In this application there 2 module DashboardModule, HeroDetailModule both modules use the same service but with different API URL

both modules can be configured with InjectionToken.

Dashboard module directory

dashboard folder index.ts file created

Before Reading This, You Must Have Basic Knowledge Of Java-script Debugging. If Not Then Read This First Article

Sources panel

After Hosting Your Application In-Browser Load Your Application Then Go To dev-tool -> Sources.

In Main[hashKey].js That Contains the Application Code.

To Debug This Function

Js Array methods must know

Arrays are one of the most common things that you’re going to use as a programmer so today I’m going to be covering JavaScript array methods that are going to make your life so much easier.

Get started

var items = [{   'name': 'TV',           'price': 148    },{   'name': 'Movie ticket', 'price': 40     },{   'name': 'Book',         'price': 100    },{   'name': 'Album',        'price': 80     }];

I just have an array of items that we’re going to use for all these different array methods

array.some(function(currentValue, index, arr), thisValue)

the first method that we’re…

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